How to Grow Your Instagram Account Organically

If you’re starting an Instagram account and you want it to be successful then you should consider all of your options. It’s possible for you to buy Instagram likes but that isn’t really recommended. Your best option is to grow your account organically. If you’re unfamiliar with that term, I’ll briefly explain it. Organic growth comes when users find your online content while just naturally searching through the web or their app. On Instagram, for instance, organic growth will come from users sharing and promoting your account for you. It’s a pretty strange thing to get your head around, but you should focus all of your efforts on your users — they’re doing most of your advertising, and it’s free.

So, how should you start? Well if you’re starting from scratch then you need to first figure out some goals for your account. It doesn’t matter if your account is for a person or for a business. Many businesses use Instagram as a means of connecting with customers, and I’m more comfortable using that as a basis for explanation. Pick a number of followers or likes you want to have in a week, but be honest with yourself about what you can achieve in such a short amount of time. Let that week go by and see if you’ve reached your goals. If you have, then simply give yourself a month to get 6 times more than that first number. If you can’t reach the goal in a month, then give yourself another month to reach it. If you’re still not getting there then you need to consider that your strategy is bad.

The secret is Instagram is much like the secret to any piece of technology — it’s based off an algorithm. Understanding how you’re being evaluated by the Instagram software is important if you want to rank higher within it.

You’ll need to develop an equation for Instagram growth which includes how many Posts Per Day you’re making and the photo quality. You also need to know your new content rate and number of interactions. Add these factors together with hashtags, mentions, and tags and then you’re really starting to get into the minutia of the process. Once you’ve mastered these fundamentals it is time for you to move on to improving the visual aesthetic of your grid. When someone scrolls through your account they should already have a sense of what you have to offer. If your posts are random and all over the place then you’ll lose people’s interest.

If you can set goals for yourself and master the techniques of posting then you won’t ever need to buy Instagram likes or followers. No, it is not going to happen overnight. That’s probably a good thing. Chances are, if you’re reading this article, you’re not ready to have that many followers. You won’t know what to do and you’ll feel like you’re under pressure. Building up your Instagram account is something that will take time, but when you do it organically it will be worth it and make your business more profitable.